Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dawson's Creek Made Me Do It

For those of you who know me, you know that I watch a lot, and I mean a LOT of television and movies. As someone with a degree in the field, I sort of feel I'm entitled, cause I'm likely doing research, even if I don't realize it at the time. :)

So, I found Dawson's Creek on Netflix, and I felt all nostalgic, wanting to re-watch a show I loved in college. I've been watching it for almost a week, and it made me realize a few things. First, my high school sucked, facilities-wise. Second, Dawson's Creek had a major timeline flaw. Third, I needed to get my butt in gear on something that I've been putting off…which is the point of this whole post.

I'm going to avoid going off on a tangent about how Hollywood glamorizes high school facilities and college dorms right now, because as I started writing my tangent, I realized that I have enough random thoughts garbled in my brain to make an entire post…so for now, tangent avoided. And back to the issue at hand, blaming Dawson's Creek…

For a couple of years now a business partner (and one of my very best friends) and I have been working on a project, a feature-length film shot entirely on a Flip Mino HD camcorder. We've done some research on self-distribution and getting it out there in other ways, and a DVD screener and film packet has been sitting on one of our two desks for the last 12+ months…all it needed was one itty-bitty letter…and a stamp. Well, today, that screener packet went in the mail. And now I'm feeling sick, but the good kind, all the crazy anticipation in waiting for a response on something.

So how does a show about teenage angst get blamed for this seemingly good thing you ask? Well, it's simple, watching Dawson, a high school student obsessed with movies, made me realize that my own project was just collecting dust, and that wasn't fair to all of us who put in some long, arduous hours on this movie. So I wrote the necessary letter, got the stamp and set it out. And the blame? Well, if people don't like it, now I might actually hear that, whereas the safe place on my desk kept it shielded from criticism. So, thanks, Dawson…either it's all your fault, or many thanks will be in order. :)

So for now, I wait with baited breath to see if someone says something...good or bad...and then we'll go from there.

-- Kelly :)