Sunday, October 16, 2005

It's All Relative...

Ok, so it is finally all done. It is Sunday night, 8:30PM, my mom and grandmother arrive in 24 hours, but the house is clean. Why does it matter you ask? Well, just does. It isn't like it was that bad, but now it is perfect - perfect as it can get. I know that even if the house were trashed my mom would love me just the same...she may not like me very much for living in a garbage dump, but she'd still love me.

So why do we torture ourselves when relatives come to visit? Why is it ingrained in us that we have to clean and scrub and vacuum and dust until our fingers fall off? I think I finally figured it out. We do it because we want them to stop worrying about us. If our house is messy, we obviously can't take care of ourselves, so they worry about what else we may be "messy"ing up in our lives. However, if we have a nice clean house, we (hopefully) are carrying that into other areas of life as well and therefore they can worry less. Yeah.

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HMP said...

I like to leave it messy, so people clean up after me.