Sunday, October 09, 2005

Some Graduation Pictures

Okay, so I know that it is like five months after the fact, but I thought I'd post some graduation pictures may think that I have nothing better to write about today and you are partially correct. For the most part I already have some very interesting customer stories, including people who swear and threaten to throw things at the reps. However, that would be boring - instead I am going to show you some very exciting photos...kinda like vacation pictures...only different.

So, this is where it all began...oh, so many years ago.

This is, well, me....what is it about the cap and gowns that can be so, what term am I looking for? Um, non-flattering would probably be the nicest thing that I can say...and seeing as I know my mom reads this I don't want to start swearing uncontrollably

This is Melissa and I...and if you don't know Melissa, well, you should meet her someday...there are some things that I wouldn't have survived through at Michigan without her...

I do think that this is by far, my favorite graduation picture. This is the way the stadium looked on that fabulous day from my seat...beautiful isn't it... (oh, and in case the sarcasm didn't translate through the web, take a better look at the picture...yeah, there you go, now you see all the construction...)

Well, for now, I suppose that is all...maybel I'll bore you with those enraged customer stories another time.

-- Kelly ( :


Marvin said...

I love the Graduation pics. I wish I could've been there. You worked so hard for that moment, and I watched you for the last two years. GO KELLY.

As far as the Karma thing goes. If only person were to receive good karma, you, my friend would be the recipient. Since I've known you, you have helped me grow as a manager, a person and a friend; for that I send good karma your way.

Kelly said... are gonna make me cry. Thank you. Now, Marvin, my friend, the next thing we have to work on is when you will come to visit me...which I know will be long after the holidays at this point...I wonder if karma points can be used like frequent flyer miles....hmm, probably not

K. Ma. ( :

HMP said...

Kelly, you have graduated summa cum laude in karma. I am working on barely cum laude...

Wait, summa is the best, right?

Melissa said...

I couldn't have gotten through without YOU! Hope you're doing well!!

Kelly said...

I have the best friends anyone could ask for...thanks you guys ( : I love you all!

Maybe it is Summa Karma Laude