Thursday, January 26, 2006

Construction Woes my work is under construction...we are remodeling the ENTIRE STORE and it will take 6 - 8 weeks...if everything goes OK...and we all know how often that, if I am lucky the store will be back in one piece before I go to Boston, but I won't be holding my breath for that...

Picture this (Sicily...1938...)sorry, couldn't resist ( : Anyway, the store has two temporary walls up which currently make our workable space about 1/3 of the normal selling floor. On top of that we are doing the nightly paperwork on the floor because both the manager's and asst. mgr.'s office have currently been demolished. Our technicians have been put into a tiny closet of a room that once held our servers and stereo system...actually both of those things are still crammed in there with two techs and two computers and a repair bench...good times. Today all the rest of the walls in the back came down, making the back of the store completely empty and most of the floor is ripped out. Now, there is drywall dust EVERYWHERE, including my clothes (which means now there is some at home too...) and it is making everyone's eyes water and getting caught in our throats, which cannot be a safe work environment.

If this weren't enough the construction workers come in around 6AM (which makes the manager cranky by the time we all arrive at 9:30 because he's been at work for a few hours, and they work until 2 or 3 ish. This means that they are hammering, sawing, banging, etc. while we have customers in the store. This is NOT an ideal environment for anyone (even the people I can't stand there...)

To amuse myself during this time of construction I have decided to start a pool to see which employee will snap and go postal on the rest of us first - there are two frontrunners right now, so we'll have to watch and see how everything progresses.

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