Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Friday The 13th

Yeah, so I completely have neglected my loyal blog readers...both of you...

Happy New Year and whatever other holidays I have missed in the last three weeks since I have been here...

So, update on stupid UPS...I finally got my Christmas presents...New Year's Eve...but they are fantastic!!!

My new exciting news is that I am finally going to get to see some friends soon!!! I am going to Boston for St. Patty's Day and then to NYC for a few days...I miss my has been almost a year (well it will be almost a year when March gets here, but you know what I mean.)

I got an email today telling me that my ASU law school application is finally complete, which is nice, now I get to frantically check the mail everyday hoping that they will send me a nice big fat envelope...not those really thin ones that only have a rejection letter in, that would suck.

Well, by now you all must know that I didn't get my fellowship in LA either (or I'd BE in LA right now) but that is okay, I am really beginning to like Arizona (no jokes, I do love it)

So, for now, Happy Friday the 13th...something good always happens to me on these days...I hope you have a good one too (even though it is basically over now.)

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HMP said...


Thanks so much for the Xmas card...I swear, one of these days I will actually send some out myself. I will break my 27-year streak.

I like AZ, jokes here, either.

Nope, SF is not too far at all...we'll have to meet up :)