Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good Night, Gracie

It's weird...I mean, every year we go through this, saying goodbye to our friends, those that have been there for us since September, helping us through everything, all the way until May, then they leave for the summer, but we wait, faithfully, until they return the following fall. No, I am not talking about friends from college, or professors or anything like that...I mean our TV friends. You know, before it was Ross, Rachel, Monica, etc....we had George, Jerry and the Seinfeld gang, there is the entire staff at County General (ER in case you don't watch), the women of Wisteria Lane...these are our friends (no pun intended) for an entire season of television we laugh with them, cry with them, can't wait to see what happens to them next, but we know that someday this relationship will come to an end. These are characters after all, not real people...right???

Tonight was the final episode of Will and Grace. It was, IMHO, the best episode of Will and Grace ever. Not the funniest, certainly, but the best. I love that it allowed us to see into the future of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen, I loved the way they left it, how they handled it...everything about it and I am certainly going to miss it next fall. Doesn't seem like it was on for eight years, and I know for a fact that in year one I didn't think it would make it this far, but it did...brilliantly. I feel all sappy writing about a show like this, but it was good comedy - that is a rarity these days...I don't think any 1/2 hr. sitcom has what it takes to make it 8 seasons anymore...not even My Name is Earl which I find supremely funny...

Several of my favorite shows are ending for good this year and it is strange, because every year I say that I am not going to watch as much TV as I did last year because I don't have as many shows to watch, but for me, this is what I do...and I only hope that one day I can be a part of a show that is as good as Will and Grace was...although I will have to actually get a job writing for ANY show before I can write for a good show, but I am working on that.

I hope that next year brings about some more good friends to join with my current ones and I will probably watch MORE TV next year...I like TV, deal with it.

-- Kelly

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