Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another Day Another Escalation

Wow, I swear that all the crazy people come out of the woodwork and head straight for the Sprint store at the NE corner of 75th Ave. and Bell Rd. all at once.

Yep, it was another one of those days, where almost every person "NEEDS" to talk to a manager/supervisor. Of course this is one of the days when we have 2 of 4 managers in at all...which usually only happens once a week...twice this week because of some vacations...anyways, these people always come in when we are short managered...I think that they plan it that way.

I never ever went into a store and pitched a complete fit, but I am telling you, this is possibly the best way for you to go about your business...go into wherever you need to take care of something, demand to speak to the manager and tell them that you aren't going to leave until your issue is fixed. Then when they bend over so you can f*ck them in the @ss...tell them that it isn't good enough and threaten to go to THEIR manager and make sure that they don't have a job after you are through with them...now that was not todays issue, but I have been threatened like that before and so has my boss...fun times THEY ARE FRIGGIN CELL PHONES PEOPLE!!!!!! After you get your way, you have two options...you can stay the pissed off customer that you have been the whole time or you can do a complete 180 and sympathize with whomever you are yelling at telling them that you know it isn't their fault and thank them for helping you out. Be warned though, because either way, the minute you leave they will certainly notate your account (if at all possible) and also talk about that horrible bitch/jackass that they just helped...so yeah.

And if their day is going superbly well, they will get written up for poor customer service from their boss...but you, you will have your shiny new whatever and free service for a while. Not that that was my day today or anything...oh, yeah also if that poor supervisor is SUPER lucky, someone will have called in sick and another person not shown up...hypothetical situation...just spitballin here...

For amusement today I played the "ringtone" on my phone over and over that is from Office Space...it goes "I don't like my job and I uh, don't think I'm gonna go anymore..." got a chuckle out of every employee at some point today. I SO love that movie...hmmm, maybe I'll go watch it now...yeah...Office Space and some chocolate - good times.

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