Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You Wouldn't Believe If Unless You Were There

Ok, so last weekend was my brother's wedding in Ventura, CA. Everything was great, I drove up on Thursday afternoon, saw my dad and stepmom for the first time in over a year, got to hang out with relatives and friends that I don't get to see and of course welcomed a new member to the Mazzonne family. It was certainly good times. But, before we could get to this (that is cake cutting by the way...) we had to have a little party, a small dinner and go through some not-so-perfect moments...so here goes.

Thursday night was the bachelorette party...we had an absolute blast at a country bar in Thousand Oaks...and it was a cowgirl theme!

My sister-in-law had some of the best cowgirls friends ever!

The next evening was a bit more subdued...there was some eating, drinking, gift giving and of course crying...(just the moms though when they got their gifts)

Mostly though it was just a time for family like my brother and his "brothers" these guys have been friends well, pretty much forever...

Well, so far that is a pretty normal wedding weekend...but Saturday morning is where it really gets exciting...Nichole and Alex wanted some pictures on the beach with the entire wedding party, so we got dressed in our favorite blue jeans and a great white t-shirt (think every Gap commercial you've ever seen) and we headed to the pier. There were some cute life-guard-y pics, some water-splash-y pics and even some football pics...and the loss of a toenail due to a sneaky hidden rock
...poor Matty Mo.

After the toenail we thought that there was no way it could get worse...we were wrong. Well, maybe worse isn't the right word. It got weirder. We were walking down the beach and someone saw a pigeon in the water. It had a broken wing and couldn't fly - therefore it was drowning (no I don't have pictures of this you sick, sick people) Well, good old Jimmy C ran straight into the ocean and saved that poor little pigeon. He placed it safely on dry sand, certainly far enough from the tide. Nope, little pigeon, you are not going to drown today, no siree...get pecked to death and ripped apart by seagulls - maybe - but not drowned. And in fact that is exactly happened...we tried to shoo the seagulls away but we had more photos to take and then there was still the "updo" portion of the day so we were not able to properly care for our new pigeon...and he didn't make it.

After that trauma and an afternoon filled with hair appointments and other photo opportunities we were all ready for the wedding...it really was beautiful (I couldn't get any pictures of the ceremony however, cause I was kinda busy being a bridesmaid...) so you will just have to take my word for it - ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! And the reception was pretty good too!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly Bear!

Sounds like your bro had a great wedding weekend. Please send my love to the family. Happy days!

Lena Marie