Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just Something I Found Interesteing

Ok, so I know I haven't been here in awhile, and it is time to change that. I still have my MySpace...can't seem to get rid of it, but I don't really post there, I prefer this site, but I haven't been anywhere in a long time...but no more!! I need to get back into the blogging, cause I can't talk to all of my friends all at once...both of them.

Anyways, I don't know if you have heard about the whole T.R. Knight/Isaiah Washington homophobic thing or if you have been living under a rock and have no idea what I am talking about, but...

Basically Isaiah called T.R. the "f", not the four letter one, but well, I'm sure you can figure it out and there was all this backlash about it...Isaiah might get fired, he has to get counseling, etc. Great. People should not be ignorant and use words such as those and other people should be able to live whatever life suits them. Great. Over and done with. NOPE.

I watched last week's Grey's Anatomy (and if you haven't seen the episode yet, you may not want to read further until you have seen was a great ep. by the way) and how do they "deal" with the issue? They marry George off right away. I mean, it's almost like saying, well, we know what is going on out there, so lets have George and Callie have gone to Vegas for a quickie wedding and not tell anyone and then the people will forget that T.R. Knight is a real person and not George O'Malley. I mean seriously. Now maybe this is just randomly awkward timing on the part of ABC, but c'mon could he have gotten hitched any faster? He had just proposed at the end of the previous just seems like they are trying to cover up people's real lives with their characters.

Not that I am not happy for George and Callie, I think they make a great couple and it does get around the whole two happily engaged couples and what could have been a horrible double wedding scenario, but the timing was just weird. Maybe I am reading into all of this because my mind is so "pick everything apart-y" from film school...we'll see.

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