Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wii Update

Well, I have many other more important things to write about...but I am exhausted, and have vowed to take a mental holiday weekend, so putting writing together in a manner that against that vow...but I wanted to update everyone (because I know you can't live without knowing whether or not I have a Wii...)

The good news is, is that I was able to find one...only a few days after my initial GameStop no less. I learned from a semi-reliable source (a.k.a. GameStop employee) that they might be receiving a shipment on a I called every location nearby on Tuesday, on my way home from work, because you cannot pay for them over the phone, and hold one for someone...yeah, right. I actually skipped over this one number, because it was in a well-populated area...and I assumed that they would be the first ones out of stock...but then I thought...hmmm, what's the harm? And lo' and behold...they said yes!!

Wii is Way cool!!! More difficult than I imagined, I got a used copy of the cooking game...super hard, don't let anyone lie to you...and don't judge. ( :

So, more later...including my shiny new job!!! (Yep, I said it NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!) After my mental weekend is over!

-- Kelly ( :

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