Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wii Woes

Ok, so a couple of months back I decided that I wanted a Wii...I think it was shortly before Christmas, and I did realize that trying to get one in time for the holidays was a virtual impossibility, so I figured that I could get one shortly after. I mean, they have been out since Christmas-time why don't you people all have one yet???

Anyway, I have recently begun my search for a Wii...and mind you, I have never played this game. I have seen it played, and watched people play (mainly at the Best Buy displays) but everyone that I talk to says it is way fun and that I should get I am going to. Back to the search though...

Does anyone out there have any idea how insanely hard it is to find one of these (unless of course I want to fork out $400+ for one on eBay...which I don't) Yeah, it is ridiculous. I went into three establishments, thankfully, they did not laugh at me...but I did learn some startling things.

1. Target will be one of the most difficult places to find the Wii ever. Why is this you ask? The guy at the store that I went to yesterday basically told me that even when they do have Wii's in stock they only sell them on Sundays, and sometimes Saturdays. The way to tell? If they are in the Sunday ad for that week, all stores in your area should have some quantity. However, they are still using the "ticket" method, meaning you will likely have to get to the ad early enough to be in line somewhere at Target for a ticket that should get you a Wii. (My obsession has not gotten this far yet...) And, if you ask them, for example on a Friday if they have any, they will tell you no, even if they do have them and will be selling them that weekend. If they are not in the weekly ad for that week, (which typically come out on Sundays) and they happen to have a shipment of them, they will sell them starting on Saturdays. (Which means by the time you realize they are not in the ad, they are most likely gone.) He also informed me that they get shipments "every other two to three weeks" Make sense of that.

2. Best Buy is a slightly better option. The guy at Best Buy did say that they get shipments in weekly, but they are usually gone right away. They do not use any kind of "ticket" method as previously described, which makes it more difficult, but they do put them out immediately, unlike other locations to not be named (but that rhymes with Shmarget) so that is a plus for them.

3. Gamestop is cruel. I have been to Gamestop looking for the Wii twice, and called one location as well. The first time I went into a Gamestop, the man said they had them about 6PM that day (I was in around 8PM) He also did not laugh at me, but basically said that I need to be there earlier in the day...unfortunate, because I work all day long. The second Gamestop experience was similar...the guy was like..."Um, I don't know how to tell you this..." and his pause was so long that for a moment, a brief second, I thought I may have scored a Wii....then he continued... with, "We had some in just a couple of hours ago." Cruel. My phone call was today, and this guy said, "On a Saturday? No. You won't find them on the weekend..."

4. Walmart will be of no help either. The woman at Walmart on the phone (I got smart, driving around aimlessly, wasting gas, is not the best way to track down a Wii,) anyway, she told me that they get their shipments Monday mornings, which again, I work all day, getting to a Walmart on a Monday morning won't happen for well...I don't know how long.

5. Costco and Sams Club are similar...I have not really searched these out, but I imagine that I would have to be at the right place at the right time (because even with normal things at these two places...the likelihood of finding something more than once...slim)

6. The internet is not really helping at this point either. Extensive searching usually brings up a ton of websites with list after list of places that supposedly have Wii's. However, once you get there, they are always "SOLD OUT". Additionally, as mentioned before, places like eBay (and Amazon...) have auctions, or used ones, but they are going for well more than the $249 sticker price...which is funny, because if I get my hands on a Wii, I might buy two just to be able to sell one on eBay, and possibly end up getting mine for free...I have seen some go for almost $500...ridiculous.

So, I will keep everyone updated on my Wii search... and, can I just tell you, the controller, and this I find so amusing, is called the Wiimote ( :

-- Kelly

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