Friday, May 21, 2010

Didn't We Just Go Through This

Ok, so I was going to do a post entitled "10 Things Every Amazing Race Contestant Should Know", but that show ended a couple of weekends ago, so it is a moot article, at least until the fall. But that made me realize that it is season (and series) finale time once again. (Um, wasn't Thanksgiving yesterday? Where does the time go?)

So, I thought I would mention some notable shows leaving the air:

24 - After eight seven grueling days (I know the show ran for eight seasons, but this final season was not all that noteworthy...even I stopped watching), spanning several years, Jack Bauer finally gets some time off from least until the movie comes out. This show started off with an amazing idea, it was a new concept, a semi-original idea even, and it was done brilliantly! It kept viewers wanting more, and even if it was convenient that SOMETHING major happened just at the end of EVERY SINGLE hour of the day, I went back week after week. Until this year. I saw about the first 10 episodes, but couldn't get into it. It may have gotten better, and I probably shouldn't judge until I have seen the rest of the episodes, but IMHO, it should have ended after it's seventh season.

Heroes - Another show that probably could have gone away a lot sooner. I stopped watching it a while back, but all I hear from people are that it has gotten really bad, boring, and needs to be done already. So, while it too had a good concept, and was a different breed, it doesn't seem like it will be missed too much.

Lost - Ah, what can be said about the JJ Abrams mind-twisting epic? Well, most likely, "Huh?" followed by "WTF?". Seriously though, I missed the last two seasons (I'm sensing a trend here...), and although I have been trying desperately to get caught up, with the finale being this Sunday, it is unlikely that I will make it in time. However, I will still watch the finale, because I'm sure it will not only be one of the most watched episodes,and I want to see where the crazy train finally disembarks, but, well, now that Amazing Race is over, nothing else is on Sundays...(just kidding, sheesh!) The genius executive producer behind some of our most amazing televison (Alias, Fringe, Felicity (athough I never watched that one)), as well as what I hope will be some promising new shows, certainly created a buzz with Lost, and I know that it will be missed...even though it's time to move on.

I know that many other shows (iconic and not-so-much) ended this season as well, but...I can't focus on everything...well, I could, I choose not to.

I would like to take some time in future posts to discuss some of the new season of shows (including the new one from JJ Abrams) as well as returning, stay tuned for that.

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