Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New For Summer

Well, as the 2009-2010 television season wraps up, some shows with a bang, some not-so-much, it is nice to see that some of the major networks are finally catching up with what the cable networks have had for a few seasons now - new scripted (and "unscripted" of course, but that isn't actually new...) dramas!! Well, at least ABC and FOX are playing ball with the likes of Showtime, HBO, and USA.

While I realize that it is summer, and that should mean vacations, being outdoors, and a slew of other reasons NOT to be inside watching television, those of us that live in the seventh circle of hell in the summer (aka Arizona) : ) can appreciate having something good on television when it is simply too hot to be anywhere else.

There are several good shows returning, and a few new faces that will hopefully make it past episode 3, and I've compiled a list of some of the notables below.

Please note, that I can't possibly cover ALL the summer shows (well, I could, but I do have a job...), but there is a pretty good article on new and returning comedies and dramas right here. And I am focusing on the scripted, although I am quite excited for Hell's Kitchen to return, unscripted, "reality" television has a need for its own post...which may or may not happen...

So, lets start with what's coming back:

Burn Notice - Out of all of the shows that I am discussing, this is the only one that I don't currently watch. Returning for its fourth season on June 3rd, Burn Notice has also been renewed for fifth and sixth seasons. USA has created several great shows, and this is supposedly one of them. I actually put this in here because I intend to start watching it and get caught up. Unfortunately, I can't really discuss it in detail, cause, well...I think I have seen all of, maybe 2, this serves more of a notice that it's coming back, and you should check it out.

True Blood - Ah, where would we be if we didn't have vampires on TV in some fashion. This increasingly popular breed has invaded primetime network (Vampire Diaries)and cable (True Blood) television, and also make an appearance in one of the new shows that I mention below (The Gates in case you hadn't heard). As the third season begins on HBO, this mature audiences drama crashes onto the scene with several new characters (from the previews I've seen and heard), new relationships, and a ton of, well, blood. Based on novels by Charlaine Harris, this steamy series has something for just about everyone. True Blood returns on June 13th.

Futurama - Yep, I said it. Futurama is back!! After cancellation from FOX in 2003, Comedy Central has resurrected this supremely funny animated gem. On June 24th, Comedy Central will present the first of 26 new episodes, with original cast members reprising their roles - which should lead to some classic comedy gold! Way to go, Comedy Central!!

Psych - Another great show from USA. Psych will begin its fifth season on USA on July 14th July 21st July 14th (there have been some plan changes and debate as to when it actually premieres, but I'm pretty sure it is the 14th). Shawn and Gus, the best fake-psychic detectives on TV today are back with more crime-solving, relationship issues, and above all else, good times. : )

So, that is about it for the returning series, now to move on to some new faces:

The Good Guys - Premiering on FOX on June 7th (although there was a sneak peek last week), this hour long comedy pairs Bradley Whitford (complete with awesome mustache) with Colin Hanks (when the heck did he grow up? Seriously!), and it has the makings of a great show (from what I have heard). Brought to us by none other than Matt Nix (who just happened to bring us the aforementione Burn Notice), this buddy cop action comedy has the potential to be a huge hit!

The Gates - Vampires, Werewolves, and other Supernaturals, oh my. This new drama from ABC premieres on June 20th and has been called "Eureka meets Desperate Housewives" which could be a complete disaster, or one of the best new shows. As someone who never really got into Eureka, (although I am told I would love it, which really isn't saying much, I like A LOT of stuff...) and who gave up on DH after they flashed forward five years, but the storyline didn't seem to improve any, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I really want to like this show, I like a lot of the people who have a part in it, and I am hoping that they will make it a worthwhile show, and not something that falls into one of the "sometimes eerily accurate, and not in a good way" descriptions of the ABC Network of Already Been Cancelled.

However, The Gates will have to find its footing quickly, because with the successes of Vampire Diaries and True Blood, television may be getting a little saturated with the pale and undead crowd, so they will need to bring more than standard vamp antics to the party.

Covert Affairs - As a die hard Alias fan (J.J. Abrams, you genius), I really hope that Covert Affairs can live up to the standard that show set, but I'm gonna be a realist about this. Piper Perabo as a rookie CIA agent has the potential to be great, with her blind handler leading the way, I am really hopin that the show will be original enough to hold new viewers, and pick up some spy-hard fans as well. Another USA opportunity, Covert Affairs premieres on July 13th.

Well, that in no way covers all of the new programming for this summer, but it is what I will be watching, and since that is pretty much all that matters (to me, which should mean to everyone), so that's all we're gonna talk about. Happy watching, and hopefully, as these new shows start, I'll be able to post some comments and thoughts.

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