Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let The Party Begin!!

Ok, so Mommy is in town! (Yay!), but my vacation is just officially getting started...(also, yay!, but a delayed yay). So, mom and I have kept it somewhat low-key, because, well, I had to get up early for work. We spent the last few nights watching TV, chilling with the kitties, and generally having some fun.

However, we have a plethora of things planned for the next few days. Here's just a smattering, with potential details (depending on where we get kicked out of) to follow: We'll be hitting bingo, a nice lunch at Zinc Bistro, (thanks to the Food Network and "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"), checking out the Pandora Jewelry store for some new charms (thanks for my lovely bracelet, mom, BTW), and probably hitting My Sister's Closet (an amazing consignment store). Other than that, we have Festival in the Park this Sunday, on Halloween, and we're seeing Nickelback on Friday!!!

Lots going on. :) Can't wait!!!

Kelly :)

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