Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just a quick little post in case the two of you who read this care (and didn't already know (and since one of the two of you is who this post is about, I'm PRETTY sure you already know...I hope)) that tomorrow is "M" Day!!! Yes, that's right, the day that my MOMMY comes in to town!!! (And, yes, I'm in my 30s and still call her Mommy, shut it.) :)

So, mommy is in town for 10 whole days (Oh, BTW, if you follow my kittehs, she is known there as "Grammy Gloria", FYI) I have some vacation time coming up next week, and we have a TON of stuff going on. Yay, yay, yay!!! I can't wait. :)

If you're lucky, you might get to hear about some of it...or see pictures, or I might Tweet about it...we'll see.



His Lobster said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being in your thirties and calling the woman who gave birth to you, Mommy. Unless it precedes "Dearest" 'cause that's pretty f***ed up.

Can't wait to meet you K-E-L-L-Y-'S Mommy!!

Kelly said...

Good point, and I would never follow that up with Dearest. (Well, maybe that ONE time...LOL, just kidding)

René said...


His Lobster said...

Ahahahaha!! Rene, you crack me up! See Kelly? I told you it was making a huge comeback!!

Kelly said...

I don't remember disputing that...or maybe I did, who knows.