Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All Quiet On The Western Front

Wow...my house is empty for the first time in a month. My mom, step-dad, and grandma all went home today and I came home from work to a quiet, empty house...it is kinda nice. Not that I'll be able to enjoy it though...what, with the three people at work that quit yesterday...yeah, that's right - three IN ONE DAY!!! I have to admit the overtime will be nice, but my last day off was Friday (11/11) and my next will be Sunday (11/20) which sucks...and I might not get that off if they are still super short staffed...sure, my next paycheck will all but pay for Christmas this year, but I am already exhausted. (Put it this way, and I know some of you have "been there, done that..." but, I have already worked 24 hours this week - this is about normal so far, three days...average of 8hrs/day, but I still have four days left this week, tomorrow is 11 hours, then possibly eight, then 1 1/2 (meeting) plus eight, then 9 1/2 for a grand total this week of 61 hours this week alone! *NOTE: Math may not be accurate at this point...please forgive the girl who had three hours of sleep* And that is if I actually only work eight on Thursday and Friday.)

Ok, so, sorry to whine and moan about work and overtime - I know, I know, just say no, but you see...if you know me at all, you know that isn't something that I can do - I'm the helpful one who gives up her day off to help out the store, not the one who says too bad, so sad, let the customers deal with it...so I shouldn't really complain. It is, after all, my own fault.

So, moving on to other things: How are you guys? I don't see much of my friends anymore...who wants to visit me next? You are more than welcome to come for any period of time...I have a spare bedroom. Please come visit me and enjoy the 70 degree November afternoons - I know I do ( :

-- Kelly ( :


HMP said...

Have I mentioned that AZ could possibly be my favorite state?

Kelly said...

Hmm...well, if you are unsure at all why don't you come visit for a while (you know, when it is all snowy and gross in MI...)

HMP said...

We had our first flurries today...looked like little nasty mothballs in the air.