Friday, November 11, 2005

My Brother Is A Bad Influence

Okay, so today is my day off...I have tons of stuff to do, Law School apps, housework, laundry, you know, the usual...but no.

I was talking on the phone to my brother this afternoon and he said "hey, do you know what is really cool for the computer?" Google Earth was his response (this is the website that allows you to download the very fun and exciting program for free...ok, so I was browsing through that...when else will I get to see the Pyramids at Giza? Seriously. That wasted like a good hour and a half of the day.

So then I get down to business and I realize that my parents should be just about to L.A. - they left for Vegas Wednesday, were going to stay there for a couple of days and then head to L.A. to see mom was supposed to call me when they got to Vegas...that never happened. So I called my brother up to ask him to have them call me (cause she never answers her phone) when they got to him and he says again...hey, do you know what is really cool for the computer. I was like, didn't we already have this conversation...but no, this was a different cool thing...if you go to the StumbleUpon website, you can sign up, pick some topics that you like and the program generates in a toolbar and lets you click Stumble! which then takes you to a random web page based on your I had to try it. This was the first thing that I found: (Which also, by the way, makes me love Arizona even more!)

So, anyway, I think I will do some more stumbling while avoiding any real work...

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HMP said...

I should have never read this post...I have work to do, too.

Kelly said...

hey, what procrastination is better than shared procrastination?