Friday, December 16, 2005

Some Suggestions Please

Okay, so this is really to help all of us. I mean, there is at least one person in your life that drains the lifeforce right out of you. It may be someone we work with (as in my case), a loved one, possibly a perfect stranger who you just happen to encounter on a near daily basis...whoever it is, there is someone in your life that drives you absolutely nucking futs! So what I would like to see are some suggestions...what can we do with these people? Like for example tie them to a rocket a la Wyle E. Coyote and send them to the moon...or Jupiter...that would be a fantastic suggestion. Or, perhaps lock them in a room full of howling hungry wolves...hmmm...might be cruel to the wolves though. Well, anyway, you get the idea, so...any suggestions? Please...comment away!

-- ylleK (yeah, that's about how I feel)


HMP said...

I usually try to stay far, far away, but some people, like coworkers/family, you just can't avoid. I tend to get mean. They usually don't get the hint. Maybe I am not mean enough. So, I think that in the future I hope to be less passive aggressive, and just tell them that the piss me off, but easier said than done.

Good job of avoiding objectionable content, by the way, with the nucking.

Emily said...

Base a character on that person and then bask in the imminent glory, subtle mockery, and lucrative commission checks-y.

Kelly said...

Ah, Em...that is a good one - stardom for me, mockery for them...and Katie...I don't think you are actually capable of being mean (and yes, that is a compliment)...keep 'em coming!