Saturday, December 24, 2005

Usually Problematic Service (a.k.a Why UPS Sucks)

Okay, so I am a big grown-up and Christmas is not all about presents...

Having said that, I will NEVER NEVER EVER ship ANYTHING via UPS...especially if it is important and you probably shouldn't either.

Reason? Well, okay, so most of you know that my family and I are separated this holiday season, so that involved sending out our gifts early. I sent mine to my mom, dad and other people via FedEx...everyone got theirs...three days after I sent it. My mom sent mine via UPS on the same day I sent hers out...still not here. Tonight is Christmas Eve...there will be no presents for Christmas...which brings me back to being a grown-up. I don't need the presents, it is not about the material is however, a matter of principle.

I was less irritated with UPS, you know, holiday rush, fine, whatever, but then I found out that my package is actually in the Phoenix hub and has been here since is Saturday...what the fuck (well, there goes my no objectionable content flag...) are you doing with my box? No one seems to know why I don't have it (and believe me my mom and Joe have been on the phone with them all day...until they turned their voice recording on anyways.)

So, I will not be using UPS anymore, they have upset my mother and that is, I'm fine...but don't mess with my mom...

Otherwise, I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday and I'll talk to you soon.

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-- Kelly

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