Monday, December 05, 2005

'Tis The Season...

Well, I suppose that the "you get what you pay for" fairy would tell me "I told you so", but I really don't care. I love my tree.

This is my first for-the-house-grown-up-I'll-keep-it-for-the-next-few-years thing. So I only spent thirty bucks on the tree and I spent more than that to decorate it...if you don't like it BAH HUMBUG! I love my Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

Of looks a million and one times better when it is decorated and I will probably be one of those crazy people this year to wrap empty packages and have them under the tree so if people come over it isn't completely obvious that there isn't anyone here that will have real presents under the tree...cause that is just sad. Also, now there is a tree skirt, but I didn't feel like retaking the picture, so please just use your imaginations!

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-- Kelly ( :


HMP said...

Wow, Kelly...a whole try. I will be lucky if I remember to water my ficus this holiday season. Go, girl!

Kelly said...

Um, did I forget to mention the artificial part...I really shouldn't have to water it too much...that would probably be bad actually. But thanks for the confidence ( :

HMP said..., I totally mis-read. I didn't realize the part where you said you'd be keeping it for a few years.