Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Back Baby!!!

Ok, so I have been gone from here for some time now, but it is certainly time for a triumphant return (and so what if it took me three tries to spell triumphant right...I'm tired...and cranky)

Well, my return may be less than stellar, I am definitely going to start writing on here a lot more, trust me, I have a ton to say too...for example...

Today I realized how important our cell phones were, and as I remember the Zack Morris Motorola Brick, (and if you don't know what I am talking about...google it) ( : I think how funny it would be to see everyone still walking around with one.

I haven't had a landline in some time now, and the last time I had one, it was because my college dorm came with it automatically...now, there are certainly downfalls, if I wanted to get TiVo, I would need a phone line, at least once. Also, I can't receive any telemarketing calls...wait, that isn't a downfall...ok, so TiVo is the only major downfall, and because my super-cool computer actually can get cable, and has its very own TiVo-ish application, that no longer matters to me. So again, no need for a land line phone. But, I do have a need for a phone, apparently at all times. Take today, I needed to go somewhere I hadn't been in a while, so do I call and ask for directions? Don't be silly...I go to Yahoo! on my phone's internet browser (as f the phone wasn't enough, mine has a camera, internet, and probably 50 other things that I don't even know about) well, anyway, I use the internet and download directions. Now, after work, I need to get a hold of a friend...I call, she doesn't answer, so I text message her. It's great, people can reach me anywhere at anytime. On the downside, people can reach me anywhere at anytime. And if I don't call people back, they worry. Now I do have a rule, if you want a call back, you have to leave me a message...no message, no guarantee.

It has gotten to the point that if I leave for work and realize that I do not have my phone, I will turn around and go back for it...not to mention that my super-long drive home would be even more boring if I didn't have some peeps (not the marshmallow ones) to talk to. And yes, on occasion I do use a Bluetooth so I can concentrate on driving (or look like a complete fool in a store...talking to myself...)

So, now...what is my issue with cell phones? Just that...we have become way too dependent on all of this technology, and I hate to think of what might happen if we lose the ability to be reachable no matter what. (Oh, and I also hate it when people in line are on their phone while they are at the counter for whatever...when it is your turn, say, sorry, gotta go, I'll call you back. The grocery store clerk does not care about your weekend plans (unless he is a creepy stalker...which could happen) and the teller at your bank does not need to hear you argue with your honey.)

Yeah...I'm back...more later ( :

-- Kelly ( :

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