Thursday, June 03, 2010

Is It Really Better? Apparently.

Ok, so this morning someone told me that something was "the best thing since sliced bread", (even my mom said such a phrase in the past...see what I mean.) and it got me thinking - is it really?? And then, the next thought, of course is - what makes something better than sliced bread, and why is sliced bread all that great anyway? I mean, really?

So, of course I had to look up Sliced Bread (thank you internet, and wikipedia!). Turns out that Wonder Bread has been creating pre-sliced loaves since about 1928. Crazy, huh? And the term "the best thing since sliced bread", well, that was a part of a marketing campaign set forth by Wonder Bread. So, it just goes to show that brand recognition is indeed a vital part of our culture.

I still find it a little funny though that a food item has that much power...I mean, "the best thing since the steam engine" just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Yet the steam engine...arguably a more important creation than pre-sliced bread...I'm just sayin'.

That's all I got. (And, yes, thanks mom...I know that statement is grammatically incorrect...but I like it anyway.)

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