Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day One - Up Before God

So, my vacation officially begins today. (Well, actually last night at 5PM, but who's counting? Ok, I was is a MUCH NEEDED vacation) Now, for those of you who know me, one of my biggest complaints is having to get up so darn early...and normally, Saturdays are my ONLY day to sleep in at all...every other day (Sunday included) I'm up about 6AM. So, not having any definite plans for my vacation, there was a good chance that sleeping in would make regular appearances in my schedule.

However, as everyone knows, Plan A never works out. (Well, unless you're the A-Team, where, "There Is No Plan B" least according to the new movie and its tagline.) I have accepted this fact in the past, and usually plan for a plan B, C, and sometimes D. It's cool...and it happens.

So, when someone at church suggested a "Lake Day" on June 26th, I rifled through my calendar on my phone (gotta love how we still call them phones...I have more apps on my Android phone then I could possibly ever need, sorry, shiny object) and when there was nothing there, I said, "Sounds like fun!" Realizing that it was the start of my vacation, it felt like a good kick-off event, I was excited!! (And still am, don't get me wrong...any opportunity for a "Lake Day" in ARIZONA is a good day)

Fast forward to this past Sunday. (Huh, to the past. But, it was farther in the timeline than the initial date, hence the fast-forwarding...can't risk messing with the space-time continuum). Now, we need to make some definite plans, because not just any car can go where we're going apparently, so there is carpooling involved...which involves meeting up, coordinating, and a host of things that, well, take some time. The person who initially suggested the lake day said, how about we all meet at McDonald's at 7. And I thought, IN THE MORNING? Ok, now I realized that we would be leaving early, to enjoy the most of our day, but early on the FIRST day of my vacation could have been something in the 10AM range...even 9AM. However, such was not the case.

So, here it is, not even 6AM, Day One, and I am up and getting ready. Camera is charged, phone is charged, Kindle is charged (hmmm...more on that in later blogs, I still owe a comparison, I know, but I am testing a theory!). Sunscreen, check. Sammies and snack-y foods, check. Soda and water, check. Sunglasses, check. Towel, check. Bathing suit, cover up and other clothes, check. Random other stuff that I likely won't even need, check. Looks like I'm good to go.

I'm sure there will be a post-lake-day post, perhaps with some pictures...which will invariably end up on my Facebook page for now...


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