Sunday, September 25, 2005

Old Friends

As much as I love the new television season, with all the great new really is the old favorites that make it the past it was Buffy or Angel that would keep me away from, Lost, Alias and Desperate Housewives can make me completely ignore everything else in my life...I don't answer the phone, the door or any non-emergent anything. When I do chat with people I usually tell them "I haven't seen the latest episode of "Show X" so don't tell me what happened..."

Wednesday was the season premiere of Lost and it was everything I knew it could be...the same cliffhanging greatness that I have come to expect from JJ Abrams...he is truly a master of the suspense drama and keeping his audience interested in what they are watching.and I look forward to it with Alias this coming Thursday as well (last season's finale episode from Alias was quite possibly the very best cliffhanger I have ever seen!)

Tonight, however, the return of Desperate Housewives (DH) should be fantastic! So many little time...and DH starts in about ten minutes, so...I'll be unavailable for the next hour or so...television calls.

(BTW, this is a great should enlarge it to see the details)

Of course, now that I finally have the pictures the way I want them, the show is over...I did have to work on it only during commercials...and it was amazing, also, I'll answer the phone again.

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