Monday, September 26, 2005

Sucked In By Convenience

Okay, so I thought that the wireless wonder of Bluetooth would be fabulous...not so much. Everyone that I talked to while using the wireless headset either had horrile reverb of themselves or heard me in echoes...neither are the wireless adapter and headset go back to Verizon tomorrow. I guess I'll stick to the wired headsets for now.

On other topics...has anyone ever bought "magic" bubbles - they are "touchable" (I know Discovery Channel Store has them)...anyways, I bought some catnip scented ones for Marley...I'm not sure she knows quite what to make of them. She bats at them and then freaks out - it's really quite funny to watch.

Yeah, well, back to a mix of studying and television...

BTW...Marvin, thanks for updating ( ;

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